Storage & Transportation of Akrosorb Soda Lime

Storage & Transportation of Akrosorb Soda Lime

Storage and Transportation of Akrosorb Soda Lime


Akrosorb Soda Lime should be kept sealed in a tightly closed container and stored in a clean dry environment at an even temperature, preferably between 0 and 35 degrees C (32F and 95F).  Akrosorb Soda Lime is to be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area.  Storage at high temperatures can result in a loss of efficiency and a reduced service life due to gradual loss of moisture from the product.  Prolonged storage at sub-zero temperatures should also be avoided.  When stored correctly, unopened containers will maintain absorption capacity for up to 3 years.

One should avoid the following when storing Akrosorb Soda Lime:

  • Strong Sunlight
  • Contact with or in the proximity of incompatible chemicals or acids
  • Partial or complete immersion in water
  • Atmospheres with higher than normal concentrations of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide or other acidic gases.
  • Excessive stacking loads.
  • Protect against physical damage.
  • Isolate from incompatible substances.
  • Do not breathe dust.


Akrosorb Soda Lime contains less than 3.5% w/w sodium hydroxide and therefore is NOT classified as corrosive*.  Containers of Akrosorb Soda Lime do not need to be marked with any special hazard warning and they can be shipped by road, sea or air as non-hazardous product.