Aquapura Travelsafe

Aquapura Travelsafe

Aquapura-Travelsafe Tablets


Aquapura-Travelsafe Water Purification Tablets should be used for Travelling and Camping Purposes. Whether you're travelling internationally for business or vacation or enjoying the great outdoors camping, hiking/trekking or simply trying to keep the potable water supply safe within your camp, cottage, travelling bus, train, transport or marine craft, Aquapura-Travelsafe Water Purification Tablets can help. Waterborne bacteria, viruses, cysts and disease can quickly interrupt your travel plans. This means precious time spent away from family, friends and business, usually at the least convenient time.

Aquapura-Travelsafe Tablets should be kept handy at all times as there is no assurance of availability of safe potable water at all times.


Why Aquapura Travelsafe:

  • Imagine missing out on your important business meeting because of Traveller’s diarrhea?
  • Imagine going on that trip of a life time to your dream country/city only to spend most of it in the bathroom?
  • Imagine going for family camping or trekking with friends for a week only to see everyone come down with Giardia or Beaver Feaver.
  • Imagine if water borne disease causing Bacteria or Virus or Coliforms got a foot hold within the potable water tank or system in your travelling bus, train, transport etc.

Don't get caught with your pants down. Protect your health with Aquapura-Travelsafe Tablets.


When it comes to protecting your health from unsafe water, you need to know as much as possible about the types of waterborne bacteria, viruses and cysts that exist and how to prevent them.


Whether you're looking to purify 1 Litre / 5 Litres / 10 Litres / 20 Litres / 200 Litres or 500 Litres Water & above, maintain the quality of water within your travelling vehicle/transport, or clean and disinfect fruits, vegetables, spinach and other produce, Aquapura-Travelsafe Water Purification Tablets can help.


Aquapura Travelsafe is available in following strengths:

Dosage is in accordance with published specifications for emergency use at 5 mg per litre chlorine or 5 PPM

AQUAPURA   8.5 mg

For treatment of       1 litre water

AQUAPURA    17 mg

For treatment of       2 litres water

AQUAPURA    33 mg 

For treatment of       5 litres water

AQUAPURA    67 mg

For treatment of     10 litres water

AQUAPURA  167 mg

For treatment of     20 litres water

AQUAPURA 1.67 gm

For treatment of   200 litres water

AQUAPURA   3.5 gm

For treatment of   500 litres water

AQUAPURA 8.68 gm

For treatment of 1000 litres water

AQUAPURA Big Strength Tablets and Granules-For all volumes greater than 1000 litres.

All tablets dissolve in less than 10 minutes and have a 30 minute treatment time.


Application: Ideal for travel/vacations, camping/outdoor sport, adventure racing, first-aid and survival kits, food preparation and emergency preparedness.



  • Safe, simple, easy to use.
  • Prevent Traveller’s Diarrhea, E. Coli, Faecal coliforms, Giardia, Salmonella, Cholera, Typhoid and other waterborne disease and illness.
  • No unpleasant taste or colour.
  • Does not contain Iodine.


Advantages of Aquapura-Travelsafe Tablets

Maintain Residual Chlorine Protection.

Water from camp grounds and bottled water in trains etc. are for the most part safe but the protection offered by residual chlorine quickly disappears during travel and storage. This leaves the water open to recontamination and allows biofilm, algae, coliforms, etc. to take hold and quickly multiply. Safe & fresh water within days can become unfit for human use and consumption. Aquapura-Travelsafe Water Purification Tablets allow users to easily refresh chlorine levels in onboard water systems by adding it in water that creates a measured dose of hypochlorous acid (free chlorine). Aquapura-Travelsafe Water Purification Tablets are safe to handle and require no pre-mixing.


Purify Suspect Water.

Aquapura-Travelsafe Tablets help in purification of water from unknown or suspicious sources like river, lake, tanks etc. Are you prepared if a marina, campground or trekking site is under a boil water advisory? Would you like the independence of being able to use water from lakes and rivers in the event of an emergency? Aquapura-Travelsafe Water Purification Tablets allow users to quickly and easily purify suspect water and shower, brush teeth, wash produce and consume water with confidence. Prevents Travellers’ Diarrhea and other waterborne disease by eliminating common bacteria, viruses and cysts including faecal coliforms, total coliforms, E. coli, Salmonella, Giardia, etc


Keep Tanks & Lines Clean.

Maintaining chlorine levels throughout your onboard system or portable water tanks with

Aquapura-Travelsafe Water Purification Tablets will keep tanks and lines clean, fresh and safe to use. It is easier to prevent algae and biofilm contamination than it is to remove it. Protect your health with Aquapura Water Purification Tablets. Ideal for onboard water systems and holding tanks found on most Recreational Vehicles (RVs), Trains, Tourist Buses, other transports, Sailboats, Powerboats, Construction Trailers, etc. Aquapura-Travelsafe Tablets will purify suspect water, maintain residual chlorine levels and monitor the safety of stored water.



  • Ensure that the tablet dissolves completely before using the water.
  • Consume or use water 30 minutes after adding Aquapura-Travelsafe Tablet into it.
  • Keep the package and tablets out of children’s reach.
  • Do not dissolve the tablet in strong alkali (over pH 10) or acidic (below pH3) Solution.
  • Store away the package and tablets from acids & water/moisture.
  • Do not place the package or tablets near fire or strong inflammables.
  • Do not place the tablet in metallic vessel for more than 2 hours.
  • The tablets are harmful if swallowed.
  • The tablets are irritating to eyes and respiratory system.
  • Replace the cap of the package securely after use.



Store in a cool and dry place.