Aquapura Relief

Aquapura Relief


Aquapura is the Brand Name of Water Purification Tablets manufactured by Akron Healthcare. These tablets have applications in a wide range of markets from Household/Workplace Potable & Storage Tank Water Purification to Fruit Vegetable Disinfection, Water Purification during Calamity/Disasters, Water Purification during Travelling/Camping/Trekking, Baby Bottle & Equipment Steriilization, Hospital Disinfection, Farm Disinfection.


Why Aquapura Water Purification Tablets:

Many countries are not well equipped to cope with natural disasters & calamities affecting the water systems. When calamities occur, Aquapura Water Purification Tablets can be used to make water sterile and safe to drink quickly without any infrastructural requirements.


Aquapura’s active ingredient, NaDCC Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 and has been approved / registered for drinking water treatment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).


Aquapura Tablets are manufactured using pharmaceutical grade and food grade materials and do not contain any industrial grade material.


Aquapura Water Purification Tablets have been trusted and are being used by the world’s leading Aid Agencies, NGO’s, Relief Organizations, UN Organizations, WHO and Peace Keeping / Defence forces worldwide for the treatment of human drinking water in emergency situations and also where water sanitation is of poor standard. Akron Healthcare works with key international NGO’s & Aid Agencies to reduce suffering during human and natural disasters.


The packaging and shelf life of Aquapura Tablets has been verified through stability studies performed to International Conference on Harmonization Standards (ICH).


Aquapura tablets kill bacteria, spores, viruses and various other water borne diseases. It helps in prevention of diseases like diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, jaundice, dysentery, gastro and other water borne diseases which predominantly spread through water contamination & is associated with high mortality rate.

Even after filteration, many Water Sources throughout the world remain contaminated and require some form of disinfection. Aquapura Tablets enable areas without access to water disinfection systems to benefit from the advantages of stable chlorination without any infrastructure requirements in a speedy and cost effective manner.


Aquapura Water Purification Tablets are made with NaDCC Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate or Sodium Troclosene which offers significant advantages over old water treatment methods such as Iodine, Bleach / Hypochlorite, Halazone, Chloramines and others in the prevention of cholera, typhoid, dysentery, diarrhea and other waterborne diseases.


Why Akron Healthcare:

Akron Healthcare is well positioned in helping with any kind of crisis by virtue of having 25+ years experience in responding to disasters around the world.

We are proud to offer you the following services:

  • Effective Water Purification Tablets
  • 24 hours – 7 days – 365 days emergency direct availability via our emergency call/email system.
  • Crisis Readiness – We hold around 25+ million Water Purification Tablets of various strengths in stock at all times for emergency situations at our New Delhi (India) Warehouse to aid speedy distribution when a disaster strikes.
  • Technical Support – We can be considered as your technical support partner for all questions and problems related to Water Sanitization, Safety and Treatment.
  • Registration Assistance – We offer a full dossier preparation service and important assistance for any registrations you require.
  • Regulatory Assistance – We keep our customers and associates up to date with new regulations and packaging requirements.
  • Library of Studies – Access to our technical library is available to customers and associates.
  • Logistics – We give full support with all documents needed for smooth custom clearance thus saving time and botheration during emergency situations and in normal situations as well.


Aquapura Water Purification Tablets are:
Safe - The recognized active ingredient NaDCC Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate used in Aquapura confirms to international specifications and approvals.
 - N.S.F. International (National Sanitation Foundation)

Effective – Aquapura Water Purification Tablets have been used worldwide for over two decades in all water variations and have been proven effective in varying water pH levels, hardness & turbidities (the measure of the cloudiness of water).
Simple to use – Just put the tablet into water and wait for 30 minutes – simple.

Long Shelf-life – Aquapura Water Purification Tablets have a 3 year shelf-life in bulk plastic container packing and 5 year shelf-life in strip packing.

Easy to transport – Aquapura Water Purification Tablets are dry and are non-hazardous to transport, extremely light and compact.


Aquapura’s active ingredient Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) is a chlorine-releasing compound. This compound is used in 67 countries for water purification.

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate is one of the few water purification ingredients in the market today which is certified to NSF / ANSI 60. It is also US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) approved. NADCC also conform to WHO Specification (The New Emergency Health Kit 98), United Nations Development Programme (UNCCS Code 356461), International Red Cross Society (Standard Specifications for Water and Sanitation) and Red Crescent Movement specification (Code: Type 21.1), Oxfam Agency, The European Standard(en) For Chemicals Use For Water Intended for Human Consumption (NaDCC Tablets Code-EN 12931:2000), UNICEF specification (Codes: S1588350 / S158355 / S15350 / S 0003245), The German Drinking Water Regulations, The U.K. Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and Regions (In accordance with The Water Supply / Water Quality Regulations 1989 No. 1147, under Regulation 25 (1) A for disinfection of water and water supply system), The French High Council for Public Health & Ministry of Employment and Solidarity,  and NATO Stock Number (NSN) 6850-99-225-1833).




Available Strengths in Aquapura Tablets:

Aquapura Tablets are available in a range of tablet sizes. Each tabet size is formulated to treat a specific volume of water ranging from 1 Litre per Tablet upto 6,000 Litres per Tablet.


Dosage is in accordance with published specifications for emergency use at 5 mg per litre chlorine or


AQUAPURA   8.5  mg 

For treatment of         1 litre water

AQUAPURA    17  mg 

For treatment of         2 litres water

AQUAPURA    33  mg

For treatment of         5 litres water

AQUAPURA    67  mg

For treatment of       10 litres water

AQUAPURA  167  mg

For treatment of       20 litres water

AQUAPURA  400  mg

For treatment of       50 litres water

AQUAPURA  900  mg

For treatment of     100 litres water

AQUAPURA 1.67  gm

For treatment of     200 litres water

AQUAPURA   4.2  gm

For treatment of     500 litres water

AQUAPURA 8.68  gm

For treatment of   1000 litres water

AQUAPURA Big Strength Tablets and Granules-For all volumes greater than 1000 litres.

All tablets dissolve in less than 10 minutes and have a 30 minute treatment time.


Aquapura Multipurpose Tablets :

Aquapura Multipurpose Tablets are used for surface disinfection and general purpose use in field hospitals and other care facilities.


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