Mine Rescue Grade Soda Lime

Mine Rescue Grade Soda Lime

Mine Rescue Operation of Akrosorb Soda Lime

Akrosorb Soda Lime absorbs CO2 in personnel rebreathers for mine (miner’s gas mask), fire and other safety systems. It is also used in oxygen-based metabolism, in estimation respirators, breathing apparatus etc.


Akrosorb granules are hard enough to ensure that the granules do not break down under high humidity conditions and remain in perfect condition to use without any degradation.

Color Indicator:

Akrosorb Soda Lime is available in 2 types:

With Indicator:

As the Soda Lime becomes less effective during use, the granules change their color.

Color Indicator is available in 2 types:

Pink to White Indicator on absorption of CO2.

White to violet Indicator on absorption of CO2.

This color change should not be used to determine when to replace your absorbent, but simply as an indication of recent use.

Without Indicator:

Akron Healthcare also manufactures Soda Lime (without indicator) i.e. white color granules that do not change in color on CO2 Absorption.

Particle Shape and Size:


Akrosorb Soda Lime granules are available in various shapes that include irregular pebble shaped granules, uniform shaped granules, cylindrical shaped granules, d-shaped granules and pellet shaped granules depending on the intended application and customer specification.

The water content can also be varied depending on the application.

The point to be ensured is that the shape of the granules should maximize CO2 absorption and minimize dust formation.


Akrosorb Soda Lime is manufactured in different granule size range to suit various applications and user’s specific requirements that include:

  • 1.4-2.0 mm
  • 2.0-2.8 mm
  • 2.0 – 4.0 mm
  • 2.0-8.0 mm
  • 2.5-5.0 mm
  • 2.8-4.75 mm
  • 2.8-5.5 mm
  • 4.0-8.0 mm

We can modify the granule size depending on the intended application and/or as per customer specification.

Akrosorb Soda Lime is available in 4-8 mesh size and 8-12 mesh size as well.


We follow strict control, and batch acceptance criteria.  Our Soda Lime test methods also conform to Pharmacopoeia Standards like I.P., B.P., U.S.P. or IS 5321:1969.  Akrosorb Soda Lime is manufactured under rigorous Statistical Process operations and is governed by Standard Operating Procedures, which form the basis of our quality system.

Quality Management Certificates Available:


GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

ISO 9001:2008;

ISO 14001:2004;

OHSAS 18001:2007;

ISO 13485:2012;

Drug Approvals Available:

I.P. (Indian Pharmacopoeia)

B.P. (British Pharmacopoeia)

U.S.P. (United States Pharmacopoeia)

Complied Standards:

IS 5321:1969;

I.P. Indian Pharmacopoeia;

B.P. British Pharmacopoeia;

U.S.P. United States Pharmacopoeia;

NATO  STANAG 1411 ADivP-03.

In-house as well as Govt. Approved Independent Laboratory COA of every batch available.

Technical Assistance:

Akron Healthcare provides high level of technical support, according to the needs of the customer. Based on extensive experience we can offer assistance with the sizing and design of Soda Lime.

Compared with classical Soda Lime products, Akrosorb Soda Lime has a high absorption capacity for carbon dioxide, low dust levels, and excellent attrition resistance.